Do you want to own a coffee shop and be a proper Baritsta? Welcome to the Bird's Nest Café where you can play with: Panini Toaster 5 different colored pods 2 clacking dials Milk jug and steamer spout 2 cups, 2 plates and 1 potholder Knife, fork, and spoon Sugar cubes and chocolate shaker 2 coffee discs and 3 different toppings 3 flavored tea bags in fabric packs 1 sandwich, 2 paninis, 3 pastries and 2 cupcakes Menu stickers For ages: 3+ years.

About Tender Leaf Toys: Tender Leaf Toys creates gentle, beautifully designed toys that promote learning through play. Traditional in concept but contemporary in design, all products are made with a distinct focus on craftsmanship and quality. All toys are made from sustainable rubber wood and for every tree that becomes a beautiful toy, another is replanted.

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