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Foam Ball Pit-White/Grey/Black

Foam Ball Pit-White/Grey/Black

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MEOWBABY Foam Ball Pit 35 x 11.5 in /200 Balls Included ∅ 2.75in Round Ball Pool for Baby Kids Soft Round Ball Pool Children Toddler Playpen Made in EU Light Grey: White/Grey/Black The Ball Pool is designed for children, is ideal not only for fun, it is also extremely useful in the treatment of sensory integration. Made of soft foam, ensures safe fun for your child. Ball pit is a great way to have fun without leaving your home. Designed for the youngest, but not only them... After all, MeowBaby Foam Ball pit is a safe entertainment for the toddlers, but also a moment of well-deserved rest for their parents!

What characterizes MeowBaby ball pits:

- Great fun

- the pool filled with balls brings fun to the youngest,

- The availability of many colors

- the multitude of colors of the pools and balls makes them suitable for any children's room

- Made of non-toxic materials

- the basins are safe for the youngest,

- Many uses - sensory integration therapy, ball games while bathing
Made in Poland


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