Lorenzo, the Pizza-Loving Lobster

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When Lorenzo the lobster is wandering on the beach and discovers a pizza, it becomes his favorite food ever! He comes back home to tell his friend Kalena the sea turtle about it, and together they try to make it. But, Lorenzo can’t remember exactly what was on it. Was it made with seaweed cake, kelp paste, eelgrass, and sand dollars? Or kelp dough, squid ink, algae, and coral rings? Or maybe sponge patties, jellyfish jelly, seaweed noodles, and seashells? After a few unappetizing attempts, Kalena becomes frustrated with Lorenzo and leaves hungry and unhappy. As she walks home, she comes across something delicious . . . It must be the pizza Lorenzo was talking about! She’s so hungry she could eat it all, but she brings it back for Lorenzo and her to look at together. Once they figure out how to make it, they have a pizza party for all their friends!


Praise for Lorenzo, the Pizza-loving Lobster:

“This could be the book that kicks off a love of cooking in kids or at least opens them up to trying new cuisine…Bright, comically detailed illustrations underscore this story of teamwork and persistence.”—Booklist

“VERDICT Readers will enjoy this silly pizza story… A tasty addition.”—School Library Journal

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