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Magical flowing fluid and amazing aqua filled beads! Each ORB Odditeez™ BeadiBallz comes in a semi-translucent shell filled with the craziest components! Super shimmery fluid and the best quality Ballz!


  • Treat the Bubbleezz with care!
  • Warning! CHOKING HAZARD. Little parts within the article. This article is not suitable for children below 3 years old.
  • Supervision by the parents is advised if the children are 8 years old or younger.
  • Do not throw the article.
  • Do not stand or sit on the article.
  • Do not eat or chew on the article.
  • Do not squeeze with both hands to prevent that the article breaks
  • Keep the article away from sharp items or long finger nails.
  • If the article is sticky or dirty, then it can be cleaned with lukewarm water and a bit of dish wash soap. Do not dry it with a towel, let it dry.
  • Paint that lets loose is normal. To prevent this, do not squeeze on the parts with paint on it.
  • If the article is broken, the orbeez and liquid are not harmfull for your health. Throw away the broken article immediately.
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