The OsoCozy Diaper Sprayer helps make diaper laundry a lot easier.  The adjustable spray pressure nozzle provides the cleaning power to get even stubborn poop messes off cloth diapers.  Rinse the poop into the toilet without getting hands messy and keep it out of your washer! Also great as a handheld bidet, for cleaning our your toddler's little potty, and rinsing out cleaning supplies.

What makes the OsoCozy Cloth Diaper Sprayer so popular:

  • Easily rinse stool off cloth diapers.  Makes laundry easier and less messy
  • Installs in just minutes. Includes adjustable spray nozzle and shut off valve
  • Includes all the necessary parts for easy installation.  No special tools or plumber needed.
  • Also can be used as a hand held bidet for feminine and personal hygiene
  • Comes in simple recyclable packaging box, no excessive plastic packaging waste or hassle
  • Use shut off valve after every use to keep little tykes from "helping mommie clean" i.e. experimenting with spray nozzle
  • Hangs on side of toilet when not in use

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