1.2.3. Take Along Market Stall

$ 28.99
Play shopping, sort groceries, pack everything up and take it along with the practical carry handle.
– As soon as the front of the case is closed and the case has been locked by turning the little green wheel (latch in wheel no longer visible), the case can be carried by the handle.
- All item contents can be stored inside the case.
- The case can be used as a sales counter by opening it and folding down the front of the case.
- The three puzzle pieces can be sorted into the correct recesses on the counter.
- Each puzzle piece is printed with a different picture on each sides:Triangular piece: Carrots/strawberriesKidney-shaped piece: Corn cobs/bananasOval shaped: Mushrooms/grapes
- The shopping trolley can be pushed by a 1.2.3 figure
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