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Knit Swaddle Blanket- Bear
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Fleury Daisy Soother
Only 1 left!
Bloom Mini Lush Blanket
Three-Layer Quilt- Chip - Baby Sweet Pea's Boutique
Hunter Green Mini Lush Blanket
Navy Mini Lush Blanket
CozyChic Barefoot in the Wild Throw- Camel/Black
Only 1 left!
Poms Blanket- Blue
Fairy Wings Lush Receiving Blanket
CozyChic Barefoot in the Wild Throw- Linen/Warm Gray
Poms Blanket- Gray
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Dream Receiving Blanket- Heather Blue
Three-Layer Quilt- North - Baby Sweet Pea's Boutique
Classic Leopard Bamboni Receiving Blanket
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Classic Leopard Faux Fur Mini
Only 2 left!
Swiss Cross Double Layer Bamboni Mini Blanket
Petal Bamboni Toddler Blanket
Only 1 left!
Eucalyptus XL Throw
Three-Layer Quilt- Hunter
Three- Layer Security Blanket Set- Sunnie
Only 1 left!
Snow Leopard Faux Fur Mini
Camel Lush Toddler Blanket
Only 2 left!
Triangle Bamboni Toddler Blanket
Only 2 left!
Classic Leopard Bamboni Toddler Blanket
Only 2 left!
Patoo and Lovey set- Keisha & Birdie Mae
Patoo and Lovey set- Percy & Dragon Scale Green
Patoo and Lovey set-  Faye & Nissa
Patoo and Lovey set- Pari & Alette
CozyChic ABC Blanket- Stone/Cream
Only 2 left!
Jumbo Quilt - Millie
Only 1 left!
Three-Layer Quilt- Easter
Only 1 left!
The CozyChic Striped Receiving Blanket- Pink
Only 1 left!
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