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Baby's Sensory Toys Box Set (4 Toys)

Baby's Sensory Toys Box Set (4 Toys)

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Baby’s Sensory Toys Box Set includes four development toys.

The Peek-a-Boo Book is an interactive soft book that allows your little explorer to learn about animals. Each page has a soft peek-a-boo flap that’s easy for little hands to lift open, strengthening hand-eye coordination. Crinkle-filled pages provide auditory stimulation and an attachable link allows for on-the-go fun.

The Squish & Chime Ball promotes interactive play and strengthens gross and fine motor skills. The soft touch outer shell encourages baby to tug, stretch and explore. Baby and caregivers can shake the toy, while the rich chime sound of the inner ball teaches baby about cause-and-effect.

The Hello Baby! Phone Rattle has bright colors and a variety of surfaces that encourage baby to explore. The sphere of the rattle features contrasting black-and-white beads that stimulate baby’s developing vision and awaken auditory awareness.

The Flutterby Teether helps soothe inflamed gums. Place it in the refrigerator and the sterilized water-filled wings provide a cooling sensation. The sweet symmetrical face calms baby, while the tonal colors encourage sight development.

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