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Care Bears: Funshine Bear Tonie

Care Bears: Funshine Bear Tonie

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Through humor, songs and learning new skills, Funshine rises to the occasion and becomes a hero saving his fellow Care Bears when they are affected by magical forces beyond their control.

This Tonie teaches kids about:

  • Trying new things
  • Problem solving
  • Perseverance

Songs and Stories:
1. Summer's Comin' 🎵 
2. Rise and Funshine 
3. I Love To LOL 🎵 
4. The Last Laugh 
5. I Like To Ride My Bike 🎵 
6. Let the Fun Shine 
7. Silver Lining 🎵 
8. Always Time To Care A Lot 🎵 

Total Run Time: 61 minutes


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